Friday, March 14, 2008

Bad Vacations

In our last Game Time, we asked you to name your pet mouse. Well, after looking at the answers we received, we realized it wasn't a very good question. So instead of choosing a winner, we will choose a loser. That loser is Mike, for picking that question. Boo to you. Pick it up next time, buddy.

Earlier in the week, Mike talked about the origin of the phrase "takes the cake". We thought we would see which of us is most worthy of said cake.

Write a story about a bad vacation you had, in 40 words or less.

Here is ours:

We went on vacation to our crazy aunt's house. She game us some wet rags and made us wash her car. When we finished, she made us dry her car. With wet rags. It took a long time. Crazy aunt.

Think you can do better? Write us your story in the comments, and the winning answer takes the cake. Or at least Game Time props from the Pake Shlake Band.


  1. A baggage handlers strike cancelled our flight and we went to the nearby Hotel Chopin. The restaurant had no food, the rooms smelled of jet fuel and a strange man tried to teach my son how to jump rope.

  2. I was so hungry at the airport on the way to Kansas City. The restaurant choices were awful. So to distract myself from my hunger I wrote a haiku.

    Not many choices
    But this is inedible
    Mama Ilardo’s