Friday, March 7, 2008

Nice Mice Names

Last week, we asked you to rename household items. We had a lot of good answers, and it was hard to pick a winner. Well, not that hard. Elizabeth wins with her answer of renaming a computer a "solitaire machine." Why does she win, you may ask? A number of reasons. That number is three. First, we decided that since her answer was one of the earlier ones, it deserved some extra credit. Secondly, we thought this "Sid" character was trying to stuff the ballot box which in general is not a bad idea, but this time it backfired. However, the third and perhaps most important reason for choosing Elizabeth as the winner is that Mike has been up the past few nights racking up big bucks in Vegas style three-card flip solitaire. How much is big bucks? $1700, baby! So, to all those who played, better luck next time. Except Elizabeth, to whom we wish equal luck next time.

Earlier in the week, Johnny talked about mouse names. What fun! We pose the same question to you:

What would you name your pet mouse?

Yes, we know technically Johnny talked about his own name as a mouse, but since as far we know there are no mice who come to this website, and certainly no mice that get to name themselves who come to the website, we thought this game would be better. Think you can do better than Horatio? Give it a try in the comments.

Wait, you mean, "Think you can come up a better name the someone named Horatio can come up with", or "Think you can come up with a name that is superior to the name 'Horatio'"? Both.


  1. I'd name him "Catnip" because, let's face it, that's pretty much what he would be to my cat "Voracious"

  2. We would name him Jerry because he'll be an intelligent and mischievous little one and he'll have a curiously violent relationship with a feline friend Tom yet somehow never end up in mortal danger. Go figure.

  3. id call him mouse. or mousie. im not that creative

  4. I'd call him Mighty.
    You know.. to inspire him to live up to the name. Same reason why people name their kids Horatio.