Monday, March 31, 2008

Chapter 12: Name That Tune

"What is with you?" Mike asked, "Why are you quoting Bob Marley?"

"Can't explain," Johnny said. "I'm feeling good now, yeah, but can't explain."

"Hey, that's The Who. This is getting pretty weird. But you're sure you're feeling okay?" Mike put his hand on Johnny's forehead.

"I feel good." Johnny paused, then felt obliged to add, "You knew that I would, now."

"James Brown! I don't know what's wrong with you, but this is fun for me. I get to play Name That Tune with your ramblings."

"You stink."

"Hmm... that's a tough one."

"No, Mike. You just stink, " Johnny said irritably.

"Culture Club?"

And the two bickered about song lyrics, still suprisingly unaware of their newly acquired powers. Newly acquired powers? SPOILER ALERT: Don't read previous two sentences.

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