Thursday, March 20, 2008

Several Shining Moments

Today is the beginning of the NCAA Tournament. True, there was the play-in game a couple days ago, but everybody knows that today and tomorrow are the real beginning of March Madness. And that got me thinking. (Never a good thing.) But you know how at the end of the tournament, CBS always shows a highlight reel of the best moments of the tournament to the tune of "One Shining Moment"? Why do they play that song? If it really is one shining moment, then it should be a pretty short video. Instead, they show several moments, and the video lasts over three minutes.

The solution? Change the song. Change it either to "Lots of Interesting Moments, but Some Are More Important Than Others" or to "This Is What Happened in the Basketball Tournament Which Just Ended a Little While Ago but We Can't Tell You Who Won or Else We'd Have to Change the Song Every Year." I come up with really long song titles.

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