Monday, May 5, 2008

Chapter 17: Leftovers

"Be serious now," Johnny said. "What should we do with the rest of the pizza? It's clearly toxic."

"Eat it. I guess," Mike suggested. "Mom always said to finish your dinner."

"Dude, its poisoned! Mom also said 'Don't eat poison.'"

"Did Mom really say that?"

"Choo better believe it."

"Oh, ok." Mike then gasped suddenly. "Uh oh, it seems like we have a dilemma. What are we supposed to do when two of Mom's doctrines are in conflict? It's like when we had to decide which took precedence: 'Whoever smelt it, dealt it' or 'Whoever denied it, supplied it.'"

"Yeah, well, they are both easy. The answer to that one is always "Mike did it," and the answer to this one is, 'Don't eat poison.'"

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