Friday, May 2, 2008

Kentucky Darby

Last week, in honor of Earth Day, we asked everybody to come up with an ode to Earth. DJ wins for his nursery rhyme:
  Ole Mother Earth
  Went to the hearth
  to fetch her poor dog a bone
  But it was covered in soot
  and smog to boot,
  so instead the dog got an ice cream cone.

We particularly liked the poor rhyme with soot and boot. Much like Mother Hubbard's bone and none.

Alright, anyway, tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby, and for those of you who don't know, that means horses with silly names run around a track and people in silly hats cheer and guys with silly voices talk about the event at subatomic speeds. (Are subatoms fast?)

So since this site is all about silliness, we are huge fans of the Kentucky Derby. And we thought of this question:

What silly name would you give to your race horse?

For us, we would probably name him "Rob Ot" and teach him how to run all herky jerky and paint him a dapple gray. That way, if he won, people would think he cheated since robot horses aren't allowed to participate in the Kentucky Derby.

What about you?


  1. I would name him "Excalibur" for no particular reason, other than that is an extremely cool name for anything.
    And I suppose only one jockey in the world, named Arthur, could ride him.

  2. I would name mine Big Brown. Maybe the name's good luck.

  3. Three-Legged would keep the odds low, which equals a big payoff.