Friday, May 9, 2008

Host of Love

Howdy, folks! Time of another week of Game Time. Last time, we asked for clever horse names. We usually pick a winner for our games. Usually. Oh, well.

Earlier this week, Johnny outlined an idea for a new television show starring Francis the donkey and a chihuahua lady friend. After much deliberation, we decided the show should be a reality series, which led to the natural question:

Who should be the host of the new reality series Donk of Love?

After little deliberation, we came up with the obvious answer of Cap'n Crunch. Who do you think should host? Winner gets a shout-out. Usually.


  1. Capn Crunch?? haha what kind of drugs are you guys on these days?

  2. Looks like I didn't guess on Friday. How about Count Chocula then. I don't really ynderstand this game

  3. Heidi Klum...she should be on every show. If not her, I second the Cap'n

  4. Dr. Phil.
    Oh he would have a field day with this!