Friday, May 16, 2008

Double Darby

Last week, we asked everybody who should be the host of Donk of Love. The answers came back, and we're gonna have to go with Max as the winner, picking Count Chocula as the host. Apparently cereal mascots are really into donkey driven reality shows. They're grrrrr-oovy.

Anyway, since the Preakness is tomorrow, we decided to go back to the horse racing theme. A couple weeks back we asked e'erbody about racehorse names. Nobody won that game because we didn't feel like picking anybody. But that's all gonna change.

Which of the silly-named horses would win the Preakness?

If you didn't like any of the other names, come up with your own and say why he or she would win or lose the Preakness or Belmont Stakes. Wow, there's a lot of words in that thar sentence.

Anyway, have fun with it; that's what games are for, right?


  1. Excalibur because Sid is a cool guy.

  2. My horse is Baltimoron....he would lose the Preakness, for obvious reasons.

  3. Count Chocula would be my horse, named in honor of the host of Donk of Love. And, he would so win. But people would get big confused with Big Brown since Count Chocula is also big and brown but Big Brown the horse is not a vampire who loves cereal. That's how you can tell them apart.