Monday, May 19, 2008

Joke Time

Who wants a joke? You do!

How does the prisoner call home?
With his CELL PHONE!

Hahahaha. Get it? Cell?

Jokes are overrated.


  1. There is a story about the great Indian leader and holy man Mahatma Ghandi. It seems that since he always was barefoot he developed severe callouses on both feet. In addtion, his diet was strictly vegetarian leaving him quite thin and frail. Another effect of his diet was the he had chronic bad breath. Because of these problems he became know worldwide as the


    Jokes are overrated

  2. ba dum bum chhhhhhhhhh

  3. Hey, where's the Monday story chapter? Did it end last week?

  4. Ha. Good call Tony. I guess we're gonna come out with the next chapter next week.

    But that would have been a good end to the story: "Save the toxic pizza. We might need it." And then end credits. Leaves plenty of room for the sequel.