Friday, October 3, 2008


It was Joke Time last Friday, where we ask you to create a set-up for a predetermined punchline. We counted the votes, and Tony edged out the competition. Well done.
On Tuesday, Johnny mentioned a magic Chinese elixir. We thought we would make this week's Game Time about it.

Use the term "Kombucha" in a sentence or short dialogue.

But, you don't have to Kombucha to mean Kombucha. That is to say, create your own imaginary definition, and let context clues make your definition clear. Here is ours.

Mike: Hey, what's that?
Johnny: Oh, it's a Kombucha.
Mike: Aw, it's so cute!
Johnny: Don't touch! It's poisonous!

See how it works? In our dialogue, Kombucha was some sort of cute yet poisonous creature. Now, you try.


  1. My Kombucha has a first name. It's OSCAR
    My Kombucha has a second name. It's MEYER

    (Kombucha = Bologna)

  2. I was watching the Honduras-Yugoslavia game from the 1982 World Cup and the ref called a penalty in the 88th minute to allow Yugoslavia the only goal. That call was Kombucha!

  3. Wow look at that cool car. What is it? Oh it's the new kombucha