Monday, October 27, 2008

Chapter 41: The Storyline

When we last left our heroes, they were taking an extraordinarily long time to find out what is inside the warehouse.

"And when we last left the narrator, he was moving the story along at a snail's pace," Johnny said. The narrator thought for a moment, and realized the truth in Johnny's critique.

"Really?" Johnny asked.

"Really?" Mike asked.


"Great!" Mike said. "Let's move this story along then and get to the good stuff, like the training and crime fighting!"

Sure thing. But we should probably wait until next week.

"No!" Johnny protested. "Start now, let's get this story rolling."

Not wanting to anger the heroes, the narrator obliged. The two brothers made their way down to the ground floor and with the help of their flashlights and miner helmets, saw that the huge warehouse would be a perfect place to begin training.

"Wow, it is perfect," Mike said. "But, I wonder why the narrator is being so nice to us."

"It is a little suspicious, maybe he's just in a friendly mood."

And the two began to set up a workout center for their training and decided not to fire the narrator, despite the current state of the economy.

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