Friday, October 17, 2008

American Seniators

We had another round of Headliners last week, with the article in question about our first birthday. After a close vote, it turns out that Sam wins with his headline: " turns one. Brav." Congratulations, Sam. Or rather, brav.

Earlier in the week, Johnny said the two candidates should just joust it out, American Gladiators style, to decide the winner. That got us to thinking of this question:

Give John McCain and Barack Obama American Gladiator names.

American Gladiator names. You know, like Nitro, Gemini, Bronco, Titan. You get the idea. We think the two should be named Methuselah and Gibraltar. Get it? Cause McCain is really old and Barack sounds like rock? Yes, well, anyway, now it's your turn. Post it in the comments.


  1. Barack Your World

    The Geezerator

  2. McBain and The Illa Noiiiiiise

  3. McCain - POW (not P.O.W., Pow, like Ka-POW!)
    Obama - Sonar (for his ears)

  4. Obama = Taxor
    McCain = Grandpa

  5. Obama: Bleedheart
    McCain: Pork Barrel