Friday, October 24, 2008

Mr. Belve-who?

Our last week's Game Time asked you to give the two presidential candidates American Gladiator nicknames. We counted the votes and the winner! That's right! We got the most votes for our answer of Methuselah and Gibraltar. Thanks to everyone who voted, but a special thanks to everyone who voted for us.

Earlier in the week, Johnny made a reference to Mr. Belvedere. In the comments, Tony made an interesting point: What is the deal with Mr. Belvedere? So, in an effort to explain that sitcom and others, we thought of this game:

Write a haiku explaining the plot of a television show.

Here is ours:

A world-renowned butler
decides to move to Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh? Why, oh why?

That haiku summarized Mr. Belvedere. Get the idea? Haiku it up in the comments.


  1. Angeler, Moner
    Samanther, perhaps Tony?
    Who IS the boss?

  2. Sheetrock Hills- where you
    Can be Handy, even if
    Your friends are all tools.

  3. All types coexist.
    Sharing, learning. Can you tell
    Me how to get to there?

  4. Living under house,
    Muppets never had more fun
    Dancing cares away

  5. Don't forget our cast
    Uglier than Belvedere's
    The Tanners and ALF