Monday, October 6, 2008

Chapter 38: The Solution

The two brothers were at an impasse. They knew the only entrance was on the roof, but only one of them had access to it. "Alright," Johnny said. "Let's go to the store and get some flashlights and battery powered lamps. We will look around, and then try to reaccess our options." He then turned to the fox. "You stay here, and try to think of a way that Mike can get to the roof that other, shall we say, slower people can't."

"Will do," said the fox.

So, with that Mike and Johnny went to the local hardware store for their supplies. When the two returned, the fox was still outside, looking significantly dirtier, but with no visible progress on a path to the roof.

"I'm still working on it."

Johnny turned to Mike. "OK, I guess this time I'll have to fly you up, but in general this is not going to work."

"Um, how should we do it? Should I grab onto your feet, or should you carry me like a bride?"

"Dude, don't ever suggest I carry you like a bride again. Get on my back." Mike wrapped his arms around Johnny's neck, as the two prepared to lift off.

"Do you feel like Fezzik in Princess Bride with me around your neck like this?" Mike asked.

"If you mean because I feel like I'm about to pass out from suffocation, then yes." And with that, Johnny slowly started to rise off the ground.

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