Monday, October 20, 2008

Chapter 40: The Third Beam of Light

Johnny stopped in the middle of the cat walk. An extra beam of light had joined those of the two brothers.

"Johnny, what's wrong?" Mike whispered.

"Someone is following us."

"Should I turn around to see who it is?"

"OK, but be careful..." Johnny answered, still rooted to the spot.

Mike turned around, and instantly the light that Johnny had seen had gone.

"I don't see anything, " Mike said, turning back around.

"Yeah, I guess it's gon- It's back!" Johnny said.

"Where is he?" Mike again turned away, and as he did, the light disappeared.

"That's weird," Johnny said. "Wait a minute..." Johnny turned around to face Mike. As Mike turned to face his brother, the mystery of the light was quickly resolved.

"Dude, you have a miner's helmet on!"

"Oh, yeah!" Mike said, looking up. "Want one?"

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