Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Here's a change in the status quo

You know when you really like a song, but no one else is really into it, but then for some reason or another it gets really popular, and then everyone likes it, and then it gets lots of air time on the radio, and then you start kind of getting annoyed by the song, and then you can't like it anymore, but it's still getting played all the time because everyone else is demanding it, and then you're stuck not liking a song you like and listening to it when you don't want to?

That's how I feel about the theme from Mr. Belvedere.

1 comment:

  1. So what is the deal with Mr. Belvedere? Has there ever been a more unlikely storyline for an American sitcom? Even Mork and Mindy was more believeable than a middle-class family from Pittsburgh hiring a sophisticated, world traveled English butler. What motivation could Lynn (that was Mr. B's first name) have possibly had to becoming a butler in the USA? Just look at the opening credits- he met Ghandi, climbed Mount Everest, got some sort of golden record from Dick Clark, and then the next picture we see of him he's holding a cardboard sign on the side of the road that says "Pittsburgh". It's like the other side of the sign would've said, "Out of work Butler, will work for food 'God Bless You'". But even if we accept the premise...why were all the cast members so weird looking? Every cast member is, well...ugly! Have you ever heard of a sitcom without at least one person who could be considered attractive? The best looking person on the show is Bob Uecker. That ain't good. But, we just might live the good life yet.