Monday, April 14, 2008

Chapter 14: The Wishing Pizza

After a brief encounter with the narrator, the two brothers went back to assessing their situation.

"I wonder why you keep reciting lyrics from songs," Mike wondered.

"Maybe it was the pizza," Johnny suggested.

"The pizza? What does that even mean?"

"I know it sounds strange, but what if it was the pizza that gave us these powers."

"What powers?"

"The ones the narrator alluded to."

"Which are...?" Mike asked.

"Well, I seem to know all the words to every song."

"Oooooh. That's what you wished for! Maybe its a wishing pizza," Mike said.

Johnny frowned. "1 - What does that mean, a wishing pizza? 2 - I didn't wish for this power; I kind of just threw out a suggestion so you'd get off my back. 3 - Wishing pizzas don't make people sick before they get their wish."

"Well, maybe it's a 'make you sick then actualize what you had suggested previously pizza'."

Johnny continued to frown. "That's too long of a name for a pizza."

Mike shrugged, as he was inclined to agree.

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