Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Saludos Amigos


Some of you may have noticed that we at the Pake Shlake Band usually post something on this here site once a day (work day that is, none of that weekend nonsense) at around 9 in the AM. Today, we didn't. But that's not exactly true. We just posted it in a different timezone. You see, this post that you're currently reading first went up at 9:00am in Los Angeles and San Francisco. So to our Mexican readers, Hola! And Gracias!

What's that? Los Angeles and San Francisco are US cities? And they are really pronounced Los Angeles and San Francisco, not Los Angeles and San Francisco? And typing the same words twice in a row does not express American and Hispanic pronunciations very clearly? Hmm.



  1. Felicitaciones en su sitio excelente- pero en Mexico se pronuncia, "eh-shlake"

    Congratulations on your excellent site, but in Mexico we pronouce it, "eh-shlake"

  2. Gracias, Antonio.

    Gracias, Antonio.