Monday, April 28, 2008

Chapter 16: The Recap

"Alright, let's recap," Mike said. "We eat the wishing pizza-"

Johnny rolled his eyes.

Mike continued. "We eat the wishing pizza-"

Mike rolled his eyes, then continued, "We nearly die, and then we each have magical powers. What does it all mean?"


"Humming I see? What, have you forgotten the words? Hahahaha!" Mike laughed.

"Why you act dumb like 'uhhh, duh'?"

"Pshaw. Anyway, you have any idea what this means?"

Johnny shrugged. "I have no answers, but I do have more questions."

"Oooh, like a Jeopardy contestant!"

"Quite. First off, what do we do with the rest of the pizza?"

The two looked at each other, and then at the pizza, and then back at each other. And then back at the pizza. And then back to each other.

Mike was the first to speak. "You wanna split it?"

"Why you act dumb like 'uhhh, duh?'"

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