Monday, April 21, 2008

Chapter 15: The Borsalino

"Alright," Mike said. "Let's call it a wishing pizza then."

"Let's not," Johnny replied.

"A wishing pizza, " Mike said, totally ignoring Johnny's comments. "If it is, then shouldn't I be able to change hats whenever I want? That was something I had suggested before."

"Well, do it then!"

"It's not as easy as reciting lyrics, Johnny. You can't just think about a fedora on your head and have it appear."

At that moment, Johnny's eyes widened, and Mike felt something on his head. He looked up to see a nice hat resting on his brow.

"Or maybe you can." Johnny said.

"Cooooooool. A Borsalino at that," Mike said, taking off the hat to examine it.

"You know what this means?"

"I can show off my great sense of style whenever I want!"

"I think the correct answer there was, 'No, Johnny, I don't know what this means.'"

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