Friday, April 25, 2008

Ode to Earth

Happy Anzac Day everybody!

Last week, we asked you all what you thought IRS stood for. We're going to give the prize to Sid for going with Irwin R Shyster. We didn't know who he was but figured there was more to it. And with a little research, we found out that old IRS was a wrestler whose tagline was "You can pay me now, or you *will* pay me later. Who knew? Sid.

Anyway, in honor of Earth Day this week (and Anzac Day), we're gonna ask you to write a poem to Earth, and the winner will receive, you know, the usual honorary paragraph where we cite articles from Wikipedia and talk too much. Here's our poem:

Oh Mother Earth, Oh Gaia,
You brought us Earth, Wind, and Fire.
So let's groove tonight,
Share the spice of life.

Your turn.


  1. haha whenever I hear that song, it makes me think of this video

  2. oh, and for an earth poem how's this:

    I like our planet, but you know what's super?
    That video with the dancing Stormtrooper
    Don't pollute. Or he'll shoot.

  3. Ole Mother Earth
    Went to the hearth
    to fetch her poor dog a bone
    But it was covered in soot
    and smog to boot,
    so instead the dog got an ice cream cone.

  4. earth
    is a ball of large girth

    (Ok so that doesn't make sense but unless you want me to try to work "Perth" into a poem, then just let it slide aight?! Geez!)