Friday, April 11, 2008

Hell's Dumbells

Last time we had a Game Time, we asked for your best April Fool's Day prank. It seems as though none of our readers play April Fool's Day pranks. Good for you. Pranks are usually cruel and rarely funny. I'm glad our readers don't stoop to such foolishness. Good work.

This week, Mike talked about how the StairMaster reminded him of Hell. We thought we would expound on this idea, thanks in part to Tony.

What machine in the gym is most Hell-like?

You know what we think of the aforementioned StairMaster. Let us know your most hated workout machine. If we like your answer, we'll shout it out next time. And who doesn't like a shout-out?


  1. The locker rooms--They smell and sometimes you see naked old men.

  2. Skull crushers. You know... that triceps exercise where you're lying on your back and you're supposed to lift the barbell over your head repeatedly until you very nearly CRUSH YOUR SKULL!

  3. first off, my whole gym is as hot as hell. It has no air conditioning, so i think to compensate they have the heat on year round. but the most hellish part i would say is this leg machine, where you lie on your back and then lower weights onto you so you are upside down in an inverted crouch, with your knees at your head. Only satan and his minions can enjoy that.