Friday, September 19, 2008

Talk Like a Pirate

Ahoy, ye landlubbin' bilge rats! As Cap'n Shlake be notin' yesterday, today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Aye! And since the crew of the Pake Shlake Band have always been inclined ter talk silly, we can nary think of a better holiday! And, in fact, we be making you lily-livered cockroachers celebrate it too, with today's Game Time. But first, it be pleasin' ter the crew if we declared the winner of last week's game. Max, the scourge of the seven seas, be the victor. And he be gettin' some booty, where booty means a shout out.

Arr, ye scabbies, now it be time for this week's game. And here it be:

Write an enjoyable short story in pirate talk.

And please be keepin' yer sea yarns short, under 40 words. How can ye write a tale in so short a span, says you? Check out ours, says I.

Where be I? It was dark as pitch. A rotten foul stench was in the air. A brig? Nay. I looked around. Smelly old socks. Sweaty towels. Oh no! It be Davy Jones' gym locker!

See, me hearties? It be easier'n than takin' rum from a merchant vessel. Post yer sea yarns in the comments. And be thankful ye can, because remember: Dead men tell no tales.


  1. Tis a far way off from the glory years of Cap'n Van Slyke and the youngster Barry Bonds. Now we sail the mucky waters of the NL East as bottom feeders. This be the new life of Pirates, in Pittsburgh.

  2. Shiver me timbers
    Blow me down.
    There be rough water ahead
    In Wall Street Town

    Dead Stocks gets no sales

  3. Arrr.. you thinking what I'm thinking? Grog Time!

  4. goddammit, i swear i miss this day every year.

  5. Arr, I be winning the race. The trophy be mine. But they tested me afterwards. Then they took away me booty. They said I had tested positive. Curse that performance enhancing rum!