Monday, September 22, 2008

Chapter 36: The Third Time's The Charm

When we last left our brothers, their friend the fox had dutifully led them to an abandoned warehouse to begin their training. Unfortunately, they were as of yet unable to get inside.

"Doesn't one of you have something to get us inside, like a ball of fire or something?"

"No, Mike doesn't have ball of fire, despite his attempts."

Mike looked around shiftily.

"What? Do you know how to get inside?" Johnny asked.

Mike smiled and nodded.

"How then?"

Mike shook his head and pointed to his vocal cords.

Johnny rolled his eyes. "Fiiiine. How many times have I said your name?"

Mike held up two fingers.


At the sound of his name for the third time, Mike finally began speak. "Man, jinx stinks."

"So, how do we get inside then?"

"Oh, I have no clue, I just wanted you to say my name again."

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