Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chapter 33: The Fence

"Alright, then," the fox said, "Follow me." The fox led the two brothers down the alley behind their apartment building. He then started to sneak under a fence.

"Ahem," Mike said, as the fox was now halfway under the fence.

"Ahem!" Johnny said loudly, but the fox continued through to the other side.

"Hey!" Mike said, "We can't fit through there, and I am definitely not climbing over the fence."

"Hmm, " said the fox. "Can't he just fly the two of you over?"

"Yes!" Mike said.

"No!" Johnny said. "I am not a monkey."

"Neither am I, but that didn't stop you from calling me one!" the fox replied.

"True. But my point is that I won't just use my powers to show off. I only will use them when I need to."

"Like to get over a fence, maybe?" Mike asked.

"Maybe," Johnny replied. "But not likely."

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