Friday, September 5, 2008

Presidential Poetry

Last week, we asked everybody to come up with a saying that sounded like a real saying, but in actuality, was not. We got a lot of answers ranging from the absurd to the absurd, and when we asked you all to vote, the contest was tight. In the end, Max won with the classic saying, "Strike four...You're IN!" Congratulations Max. Or as they say, "Strike four...You're IN!"

Anyway, to this week. Over at our sibling site,, they are running a Game Time in honor of Patrick Ewing being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. The contest is to write a Haiku with your favorite Patrick Ewing memory. That inspired us, the bearers of Shlakes, to come up with something of our own. Since the Republican National Convention just completed yesterday, we've decided to go with a Presidential theme:

Write a Haiku about this year's Presidential Race between Barack Obama/Joe Biden and Joe McCain/Sarah Palin.

Here's ours:
There's Sarah Palin.
What city does she live in?
D'you know? I'll ask her.


  1. He's not a Muslim?
    But he is still black you know.
    It's McCain for me.

  2. Man, Man, Man, Woman
    Young, Old, Absurdly Old, Young
    Barack, Joe, John, Who?

  3. No Barack, No John.
    Vote this third-party ticket:
    Hillary and Bill

  4. I like Obama.
    McCain-McSame, Palin is
    Cheney in lipstick.

  5. He's called "Maverick"
    And at times mocked as "Side Kick"
    Either way, NO PICK

  6. John McCain is the
    original maverick.
    He's really that old.