Monday, September 15, 2008

Chapter 35: The Warehouse

"Well, that should keep him quiet for a while," Johnny said, referring to the jinx he had just put on his brother. "Lead on, my four-legged friend."

The fox walked ahead of the two, leading them down alleys and back streets, careful to avoid fences. Johnny and Mike followed in silence, one voluntarily, the other one less so. After about ten minutes, they arrived at an old boarded-up warehouse.

"Well, here we are," the fox said.

"Nice," Johnny said. "What do you think, Mike?"

Mike shrugged, sort of nodded his head, but remained silent.

"And you are sure this place will be safe?" Johnny asked the fox.

"I've been by this place for years, and I've never seen anybody."

"Great, let's get to work then." Johnny looked around. "Um, but how do we get inside? All the doors and windows are boarded up."

"Oh that's no problem, " the fox said.

"And don't try to make us slide under a fence or anything like that. You know where that got us."

The fox looked away. "Oh, um..."

"Oh, dear."

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