Monday, September 8, 2008

Chapter 34: The Jinx

Mike and Johnny were stopped by a tall fence. Their fox friend was trying to lead them to a training ground, but didn't realize he is smaller and more nimble than his human counterparts.

"Can you please fly me over the fence, Johnny? It's the easiest way."

"I can't go for that. Ooooh. No can do. I can't go for that, can't go for that cant go for that."

"Wait, you just said you don't use your powers just to show off. Then why can you quote song lyrics whenever you want?"

"Because I am hypocritical," Johnny said.

"Interesting response."

The fox rolled his eyes. "Oh, for the love of...Fine, let's go this way," he said.

"Dude, if you could have done that before, why didn't you?"

"Well, I didn't anticipate the bickering."

"Touche," Mike and Johnny said simultaneously.

"Jinx!" said Johnny. Mike opened his mouth as if to protest but then merely lowered his head in shame.

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