Thursday, September 25, 2008

More on Jokes

Hello, folks! With all this talk about jokes, we decided to have another lesson in Shlakese. You remember Shlakese, don't you? You don't? Brav.

joke -
  1. a joke, in it's normal sense; also called a chiste, pronounced cheeste, derived from the Spanish word of the same spelling, which means, as you might suspect, joke.
  2. a game; also spelled gioc, since this definition comes from the word "giocco," Italian for game.

Now, we will use both forms in an example, with the difference in spelling to help you understand context.

Mike: What's a good joke?
Johnny: Scrabble.
Mike: No man, not gioc. Joke.
Johnny: What?
Mike: You know? Chiste? Joke?
Johnny: Oh, I thought you meant joke like gioc.
Mike: Well, do you have a good one?
Johnny: What does a prisoner use to call home?
Mike: I said a good joke. Brav.

See? It's as simple as that. So play a joke on your friends by asking them if they want to play a gioc.


  1. Instead of "More on Jokes", this one should've been called "Moron jokes"

  2. It's easy to understand the difference, like "Vorremmo...Voremmo" See? Very clear.