Friday, February 6, 2009

Groundhog Day

Hello, again. Well, another week has come and gone. But that means there is another Game Time to play. You guys remember last week's game? It was a PSB Original game called Bests and Worsts, and we asked you to give us the worst nickname for a professional football team. (We were a little surprised that no one said the Detroit Lions. Man, they stink.) Anyway, we got a lot of good answers, and some not so good answers (Sweet Feet?), so, we wanted to give a few shout outs before declaring a winner.

First, we were gonna give Sami props for his shout out to Redskins' third string quarterback from the 2002 season, until we realized his name was Danny Wuerffel and not Wurzelbacher. So, Sami gets a tsk tsk for not knowing enough Redskins history. Tsk, tsk, Sami!

Next, we give props to Meg for her answer of the Tampa Tutus, not because it was particularly funny, but because it led to Zo's response of the Desmond Tutus, which was particularly funny.

DJ's answer of The Boston Creme Pies would have won, if he hadn't added the deliciously incompetent line. Incompetence is NOT delicious.

And finally, a good job to Max for his response of the Denver Last Dinosaurs, an obvious shout out to the obscure Saturday morning cartoon Denver, the Last Dinosaur, a show about a dinosaur named Denver who lived in modern times, modern being 1988. (Side note: The first line of that theme song was: "Denver! The last dinosaur! He's my friend and a whole lot more!" A whole lot more than a friend? Now that's getting into some freaky dino-loving for a kid's show!)

But, after all those good responses, we declare Nick the winner, with his answer of "The New York Narcoleptics." Well, done, Nick! You are our reigning champion!

Now, onto this week's game. In case you didn't notice, this was Rodent Week here at That's right, folks, in honor of Groundhog Day, we decided to dedicate some of our time to those furry pests that most of us dislike. (Most of us? You mean everyone except Willard?) Mike had a post about woodchucks, which, for those of you who don't know, is actually the same thing as a groundhog! Crazy world, isn't it? (Side note: Why would you call that creature a woodchuck or a groundhog if you could get away with calling it a whistlepig?) Then Johnny talked about ROUS's, Capybaras, and former Eastern European nations in his post yesterday, so we decided to round out Rodent Week with another round of the PSB Original Game, Headliners. Here's a brief news article summary, your job is to come up with a clever headline to the article.

Charles G. Hog, New York's resident rodent meteorologist, bit the hand of Mayor Michael Bloomberg during the Groundhog Day ceremony. The bite was deep enough to cause the Mayor to start bleeding. The groundhog never came out of his home, so it was not determined if spring will come early, or if winter will last six more weeks.

Here is our answer:

Groundhog Bites Mayor; Asks for 5 More Minutes of Hibernation.

See? Simple enough. Now it's our turn. Put your headlines in the comments, and see if you can dethrone Nick!


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  2. Groundhog Bites Hand That Feeds Him, Then Gets Put Down

  3. Whistlepig Calls Bloomberg "Bleeding Hand Liberal"

  4. Groundhog demands less "Hands On" goverment

  5. End is near: Groundhog meteorologist forecasts blood!

  6. Groundhog Predicts Blizzards, Band-Aids

  7. Groundhog Says Mayor 'Tastes Like Chicken'