Friday, February 27, 2009

Oscar Headlines

Howdy, folks! Who wants to play a Game Time? You do! But, before we begin, let's recap last week's game.

We thought that "Hail to the Chief" was getting a little trite, and we asked you to think of a replacement. Well, after reading all the answers, we decided that our answer of "The Imperial March" was the best. But, since we feel bad declaring ourselves the winners, we will give the other options a second look.

Firstly, we thought Mary's answer of "Jock Jams" was good but too vague. By our count, there are at least seven Jock Jams CDs, and that's not even counting the "Jock Rock" and "Slam Jams" spin-offs. We don't really approve of spin-offs. Since we couldn't figure out exactly which song she meant, we couldn't declare her the winner.

Next, Tony asked if we asked a similar question recently. Well, no, we didn't. We asked what would Superman's favorite song be. The President of the United States, is not allergic to Kryptonite, and therefore cannot be Superman. So, different question. But, guess what? "Jump for my Love" still loses. Sorry!

Sami gave a very good answer, "The Immigrant Song" in the sense of Led Zeppelin. But that got us thinking about "The Immigrant Song" in the sense of The Godfather theme. And then we got distracted.

Elizabeth's answer was OK, but we certainly like DJ's spin-off better. But, since we don't really approve of spin-offs, we decided neither one should win. Although, we also decided to listen to the HBO movie intro again. That song is awesome!

So, we decided the winner should! That's right, folks. The Pake Shlake Band wins for our answer of the Imperial March. We said we felt bad declaring ourselves the winners, but not that bad. Now, onto this week's game!

For those of you who don't know, the Oscars happened last week, and there were some surprise winners. Well, no. Actually, all the winners were entirely predictable. But, that doesn't make it not news! So, we are going to play the PSB original game, Headliners. Remember how to play? Try to think of a clever newspaper headline to this news story.

"Slumdog Millionaire" was the big winner in the 81st Academy Awards, winning for best picture and best director, Danny Boyle. Sean Penn won his second Academy Award for his leading role of Harvey Milk in the movie "Milk," while Kate Winslet won her first Oscar for her leading performance in "The Reader." Heath Ledger was posthumously awarded best supporting actor as the Joker in "The Dark Knight." Pixar also won another best animated feature Oscar, this time for "Wall-E."

Here is our headline:

"Milk" awarded best actor; "Cookies" snubbed.

Now it's your turn! Post your headlines in the comments, and see if you can unseat the PSB at their own game. Not likely.


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