Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It's time once again for Learning Shlakese: One Word at a Time. Or Shlakese 101 for you college folks.

Choogadarai -
  You got that right; yes; you better believe it; you said it; you are correct, sir; am I not nodding in agreement?; right on, daddio

Stranger: Hey, aren't you Johnny from the Pake Shlake Band?
Johnny: Choogadarai.
Stranger: I'm sorry, what was that?
Johnny: Choogadarai. You know, CHOO-GA-DA-RAI.
Stranger: You're strange.
Johnny: Choogadarai.
Stranger: You're stranger than strange. And I should know. I'm a stranger!
Johnny: I gotta go now.

Wasn't that fun? Shlakese, making the world brighter one word at a time. Or in this case, four words at one time at a time. Huh?

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