Friday, February 13, 2009

Bicentennial Birthdays

What time is it? Game Time! Whoop!

Last week, we gave you a little snippet of a news article about Groundhog Day, in which a precocious woodchuck bit the finger of the Mayor. We asked you to give us some headlines, and you obliged. On to the shout outs!

Luca gets the first shout out for his answer "Whistlepig Calls Bloomberg 'Bleeding Hand Liberal'", merely because he referenced whistlepig. As well he should.

Next, half a shout-out goes to Sami, and the other half to Tony, for their respective answers of "Breaking News: Offending Groundhog a Registered Republican" and "Groundhog demands less 'Hands On' government." While their posts were not worthy of themselves, when you combine the two into like a headline and sub-headline, then it's pretty good.

Nick gave a strong run to become a back-to-back champion with his response, "Groundhog Says Mayor ‘Tastes Like Chicken.’" It was a close call, but we decided not to give the W to Nick, because we felt, while woodchucks might be able to chuck wood, they still can't talk.

So, the winner of this week's Game Time is...Sonny! The hilarity of his headline, "End is near: Groundhog meteorologist forecasts blood!" was matched only by his second response, clarifying that it was, in fact, his response. Congratulations, Sonny, you are now our reigning champion!

For those of you who don't know, this week was the bicentennial of a couple of famous birthdays. Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, was born February 12, 1809, as was famous naturalist and evolutionist Charles Darwin. We thought we would dedicate our Game Time to these two historical figures.

Create a little-known fact about some connection between Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin.

What do we mean by that? Well, it doesn't actually have to be a fact. In truth, it will be funnier if it is not true. So, make up something. Here is our answer.

Growing up in Illinois, Lincoln's favorite toy was his stuffed Galapagos Tortoise.

See? Easy enough. Play, my friends. Play. And see if you can make Sonny a former champion.


  1. Abraham's dog was a beagle named "HMS"

  2. Darwin specifically postulated that tophats do not provide a functional advantage in homo sapiens...

  3. While Lincoln gets credit for popularizing the stovepipe hat, he only picked up the fashion after seeing a photo in the pages of People Magazine of Darwin - surrounded by supermodels - wearing his own blinged out version.

  4. At summer camp in 1821, Abe taught Charlie how to make a bird log cabin for his family of finches.

  5. Lincoln and Darwin both had doberman pinschers named Cloey (though Darwin spelt his 'Chloe').

  6. Lincoln and Darwin both had doberman pinschers named Cloey (though Darwin's spelt his 'Chloe').

  7. Abe's invention(Patent No. 6469) helped Charlie get his Beagle to Galápagos which helped him realize the theory of evolution by natural selection.

  8. A mutual friend of Darwin and Lincoln suggested that the president go see the show "Our American Cousin". Brav, and Grac.