Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Chat Goes On

Remember last week when I showed you a chat I had with my friend's away message? Here's another example of a Shlakerific chat.

Sonny Jim: dude question
Shlakes: a "dude question," huh
Sonny Jim: im suppose to fly from BWI
Shlakes: like who is dudelier, michelangelo or fire from captain planet?
Sonny Jim: dunno if i should drive there or train there
Shlakes: definitely gotta go with michelangelo
he ate his pizzas BACKWARDS

Sonny Jim: make sense driving as i am getting in at 12am on sunday night
what you think?

Shlakes: you're right
plus the fire dude from captain planet was kinda a jerk
got into fights and stuff before he met gaia

That was chatterific.

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