Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thank you. You're fat.

Hello, and welcome to another lesson in Shlakese, the world's only nonsensical language, other than Esperanto. Here is today's lesson.

Grac -
  1. Thank you, derived from the Spanish word "gracias" which means thank you.
  2. fat; also spelled gras, to show its origins, since "gras" in French means fat.

Want context? Here you go!

Mike: Hey, Johnny, pass the french fries.
Johnny: Here.
Mike: Grac.
Johnny: Yup, you!
Mike: No, I mean grac, not gras!
Johnny: I know. I'm just calling you fat.
Mike: Hmm.

Understand? Well, it's okay. Shlakese takes time. So far, you should be able to use brav, coach, joke/gioc, and grac/gras in a sentence. Prove it. In the comments.


  1. You guys have good giocs. You also have terrible jokes, Brav.

  2. I tried to drive my coach to the store to by a joke book and a gioc, but my car had no gas because of my gras brother who borrowed it and didn't even say grac. Brav.