Friday, April 24, 2009

Space Blobs

Are you ready for some Game Time? Well get ready. Because it's Game Time.

Last week, we played another round of the PSB Original Game, Bests and Worsts, and this one was all about the First Puppy. The DOTUS if you will. We asked for the best name of a Presidential Pet, and this is what you guys came up with.

Nick said Rover Cleveland. That's funny - like Grover Cleveland but Rover instead of Grover. Get it?
Sami said Ruff-erford B. Hayes. That's funny too - like Rutherford B. Hayes but Ruff-erford instead of Rutherford. Get it?

Thing is, we said Chester A. Arfer as our guess, and while good answers, these two were too similar to ours. Next time, you should just type our answer back in and you'll save yourself some time.

Lorenzo had some weird formula to come up with his pet's name and the answer came out to be ... 2 pi r. No no no. George Jefferson of course. A great name for a character in a sitcom - so great he might even deserve his own spinoff- but not good dog material.

Sid said something about Ronaldo, and Tony said something inappropriate about lady dogs, but the winner goes to... Luca! Maverick would be the perfect name for President Obama's new puppy. Mainly because it's gonna pee wherever it wants.

Now on to this week's game. A PSB Original Game? Of course! We'll be playing a new round of the PSB Original Game Headliners. Here's the news snippet for you:
Scientists have discovered a a mysterious, giant object 12.9 billion light-years away. When looking at objects that far away, astronomers are actually viewing what the object looked like billions of years ago when the universe was just forming. The gas cloud is much older than similar Lyman-Alpha blobs found by astronomers and has much more mass. The blob was named Himiko after a mysterious Japanese queen whose past is just as unknown.

And here's our headline for the story:
Astronomers Forget It's Called Earth Day, Not Space Blob Day

Think you can do better? No? Come on, you've gotta have more self esteem than that. Post your headline in the comments.


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