Friday, April 10, 2009

Crash Course

Howdy, folks! Today is Good Friday, and what could be better than a Game Time game?

Before we move on to this week's game, we would like to recap our previous game for you. We played the PSB Original game, Headliners, and asked you to come up with a clever headline to an article about the canceling of Guiding Light. Here are some of the best (or worst) answers, along with the winner.

First, Tony gave the headline "$25,000 Pyramid Returns!" which we thought was pretty funny, seeing as that was clearly not the point of the article. However, his subheadline was less funny, although needed to provide context, so we omitted it.

Sid gave us an enjoyable headline: "Guiding Light Extinguished. Housewives now in the dark." Good, but sexist. What, like househusbands can't watch a soap opera?

We also want to give a shout-out to Jen, for visiting our site and giving us her headline. "Perhaps if they had gotten a good writer in place instead constantly hiring writers with no talent and boring story lines they would have survived. They did this to themselves, my three year old daughter could have come up with a better story." A bit diatribe-like, but we are always glad when people play our games, even if they don't exactly understand them. Thanks, Jen! Come back soon!

Choosing a winner was hard this week. We really liked Nick's headline of "Lights Out!" It was concise and clever, and it probably should win. But it won't. Instead, we decided to give the W to Tony for his post "Guiding Light canceled. To return in six months with amnesia." What ended up being the decided factor? Well, Tony posted more than once, as evidenced above, which means he must have come to our site more than once. And we like to reward our fans. In other words, if you wanna win, come back and play again. A lot of times.

Earlier this week, Mike talked about the origin of the phrase "crash course," and we thought it would be a good time to play the PSB original game, Bests and Worsts. Here's the category:

Worst topic in which to take a "crash course."

Going along Mike's reasoning, we will say, Aviation. Think you have a better one, or rather, a worse one? Comment it. Grac.


  1. "How to Predict the Stock Market"

  2. Science.
    I mean any course in science, no matter the duration, is just no good.
    And yes, I get the whole "crash" thing (planes, markets), but frankly I believe science classes to be the worst thing ever. Period.

  3. a crash course in crash courses.