Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Hola mis amigos! It's time for another edition of Shlakese, the language of champions!

Pork -
1. Why; derived from the Spanish ¿Por que?
2. Pork (colloquial)

The second definition is rarely used, possibly because we don't use the term pork that often. Although we do use it occasionally. Here's a dialog clarifying this week's word's usage:

Johnny: Hey, Mike, would you like to taste of some of this pork?
Mike: Pork?
Johnny: Because I have a little that I don't want to eat, and I'm being generous. Geez! I won't even offer next time.
Mike: No, you are misinterpreting my words. I meant "Pork?" as in, "You're offering me pork as opposed to beef? I want to make sure I heard you correctly."
Johnny: Oh. But that usage of the term pork is colloquial.

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