Friday, April 17, 2009

Presidential Pooches

Well, well, well! Is it that time of the week already? Yes, yes it is. Game Time!

We played the PSB Original game "Bests and Worsts" last week, where we asked you for the worst topic in which to take a crash course. Let's look at some of the answers.

Meg's answer was Science. Not due to any creativity, but just because she doesn't like science. A fair point, but she was a little too broad. Science? That's like saying I don't like music. What? Who doesn't like music? Maybe you don't like Country, or Rap, but all of music? So, Meg loses for generality.

Tony said "How to predict the stock market". Actually, that's a good class to take a crash course in, it would get you prepared for the current economy.

DJ said a crash course in crash courses. We bet he thought he was pretty clever saying that. But, we wonder if he knew that the reason he thought he was clever was because he stole our idea. Yes, that's right, DJ. Check out this post's title. Did you think you would get away with it? Well, you didn't, you copy cat. Copy cat! Copy cat! You lose. Did you think we would be flattered? That copying us would make us feel honored, so we let you win? Imitation is the highest form of flattery, after all. That's right. And we think we give the best answers, so that means your answer was the best. So, you win! Congratulations, DJ! Onto this week's game.

For those of you who don't know, President Obama and his family recently got a dog for the White House. A Portuguese water dog, to be exact. They named him Bo in honor of Mrs. Obama's father, whose nickname was Diddley. Get it? Bo Diddley? Right, as in Bo Diddley. Well, we thought this was a good opportunity to play another round of the PSB Original game, Bests and Worsts.

Best name for the president's dog.

You can interpret this question in many ways. What is the best name for Barack Obama's dog? What is the best name for any president's dog? OK, so I guess you can interpret it in two ways. Unless you think of a third way, then by all means interpret away. Anyway, our answer for best dog name: Chester A. Arfer. Put your White House Hound names in the comments.


  1. Hillary - then the Obama's could talk about 'that bitch Hillary' and it would be OK.

  2. Take the first name of our first great president, and the second name of our second great president.... GEORGE JEFFERSON

  3. Cristiano "Diver" Ronaldo