Friday, April 3, 2009

Guiding Light

Friday = Game Time. Game Time = Friday. Symmetric Property!

Last week, we introduced a PSB original game, Nicknames. We asked you to come up with a nickname for Jon Bon Jovi. Let's look at some of your responses and see who the winner is.

Tony posted first with his answer of "Bon Bon." A little later, Mark revealed that he was also going to put "Bon Bon," but that Tony beat him to the punch. Fortunately for Mark, "Bon Bon" is not the winner, so he will not have to spend his old age wondering, "What if I had posted first?" Just to be on the safe side, maybe Mark should subscribe to the RSS feed for next time.

David's nickname for Bon Jovi was "my songs are as tasty as anchovies." That's a bit of a mouthful. a mouthful of anchovies. We aren't convinced anchovies are tasty. If he had said, "my songs are as salty as anchovies," he might have earned our respect. Either way, David does not earn a win.

Luca gave the nickname "Obi Wan Jovi." We liked that one. Just not enough to make it win.

The winner is Meg, for her answer of "The Worker." I'm sure Bruce Springsteen would be proud, and Jon Bon Jovi would be embarrassed. Just the way we like things.

On to this week!

This week, Johnny mentioned that the longest running television program, Guiding Light, has been canceled. We thought this would be a good time to play another round of the PSB Original Game, Headliners. Here is the news article:

CBS announced on April 1st that it is canceling the soap opera "Guiding Light" with the final episode set to air on September 12. The show has been around for 72 years, starting in radio before transferring to television. It debuted on television on CBS in 1952, making it the longest running television drama. It is rumored to be replaced by $25,000 Pyramid.

So here's our headline.
Guiding Light Canceled, Sailors Mourn

Think you can do better? Post your headline in the comments. Or else you might be canceled at 72 years old.


  1. Guiding Light Cancelled!
    To Return in 6 months with 'Amnesia'

  2. CBS: Cancels Boring Show

  3. Longest Running Soap Opera Canceled
    Typewriters and Rotary Phones to go next

  4. Guiding Light Extinguished
    Housewives now in the dark

  5. Perhaps if they had gotten a good writer in place instead constantly hiring writers with no talent and boring story lines they would have survived. They did this to themselves, my three year old daughter could have come up with a better story

  6. Jen's headline is a little long isn't it? Maybe she thought we were playing, "Editorial"

  7. $25,000 PYRAMID RETURNS!
    Will replace longest running show in TV history

  8. Guiding Light To Stay On Air

  9. Fat Lady Sings for Famed Soap Opera