Friday, July 25, 2008

Scrabble Dabble

Hello, again! Last week, we asked you all to write stories about baseball, dead cats, and ice cream, three of our favorite things. Lorenzo wins primarily for mentioning St. Peterkins. Congratulationskins.

This week we thought we'd give Headliners another shot. You remember how to play? Here is the news article:

Hasbro, who owns the rights to the classic board game Scrabble, is suing the makers of Scrabulous. Scrabulous is an online version of the game designed for Facebook users. Hasbro seeks to have the knock-off immediately shut down. Alfred Butts created Scrabble 70 years ago.

And here's our very own headline:
Hasbro senses Risk of Trouble, wants Monopoly on online Scrabble

Think you can do better? Post your healine in the comments. Oh and we want to try something new this week, so try to get your answers in as soon as possible. Let's throw out Wednesday as the cut off date.


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