Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

Last Game Time we asked for headlines about Bill Gates' Retirement. We got some good answers. Ligabue's answer was enticing in the sense that we didn't exactly understand it, but we had a feeling if we had, it would have been clever. However, the winner was Luca for the headline: "Bill Gates Retires, Send Error Report? Don’t Send." Well done!

For those of you who don't know, today is the Fourth of July. For those of you who don't know why this date is more significant that the Fifth of July, America celebrates our Independence Day on July Fourth. So, to honor the good ol' USA, this week we want odes to the patriots who helped form this great nation. And, since we are feeling generous, we will accept entries in prose or poem form.

Write a story/poem honoring your favorite patriot in 40 words or less.

Here is ours:

Freedom from oppression,
From an evil power,
You protected this great nation,
And ensured we'd endure.
Thank you, Will Smith.

Did you like that? It was one of those "Poems that doesn't rhyme" poems. How patriotic! Now it is your turn. Post your story/poem/poem that doesn't rhyme in the comments. Winner gets a shout out, like Luca got. But you never know, maybe you can be a loser who gets a shout out, like Ligabue. You'll have to post to find out!


  1. Taxation
    Without Representation
    Spawns Creation
    Of a new Nation.
    From Trepidation;
    We owe Gratification
    To the Congregation
    And their Donation
    Of Edification
    For every Generation.
    A Salutation
    Of Appreciation
    To the Collaboration
    To lay the Foundation
    For our Celebration.
    A Dedication:
    To The Founding Fathers

  2. My penmanship is pretty bad. Many say that it looks like the handwriting of a fourth grader. For most of the year I feel embarrased, but not this week. Thank you, John Hancock.

  3. This time of year I always feel so grateful to the brave men who left their homes to fight for what they knew was right. They risked their lives for the sake of freedom. I really love apple pie.

  4. A patriot who
    knew well how to brew,
    and fought the British and nabbed 'em,

    So I give a cheer,
    and raise up my beer,
    to that great hero, Samuel Adams