Monday, July 21, 2008

Chapter 27: The Monkey

"I think I've been tricked..." Johnny said as the two were now standing outside.

"Yeah, a bit, but you know deep down you want to save the world."

"Mike, it was a petty criminal, hardly an issue of world safety."

"Maybe, but if he's like us, he's just learned of his powers, so he will soon be getting stronger, and might try to steal a bit more than chump change. Ooh! A monkey!"

"Um, dude, that's a fox," Johnny said, as Mike started to approach the animal.

"I know, but saying chump change made me say monkey. You know chump, chimp, monkey, it's natural."

"No, it's not natural...especially since the monkey is always outside our place."

"See, you just called the fox a monkey too! Clever fox!"

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