Friday, July 11, 2008

Some More Ways to Leave Your Lover

Last week we asked for odes to our founding fathers. And while there were some good ones, we have to give the title to Luca for his ode to apple pie (Although DJ's ode to beer was not far behind). Back to back wins for Luca! Oh, good job! Good job!

Yesterday, Mike talked about how Paul Simon couldn't think of 50 ways to leave his lover. We have decided to help him out.

Come up with more ways to leave your lover.

What does that mean, exactly? Well, the formula is simple. You need a way to leave your lover, followed by a name that rhymes with it. Here is ours:

Send her a fax, Max.

It's pretty simple. Your turn. In the comments.


  1. Just send her a text, Rex.

  2. Fake your own death, Seth.

  3. Drive over her leg, Greg.

  4. Just give her some "arse", Nick. Get it, aresenic, but Nick...get it?

  5. I got some more:

    Go sleep with her sis, Chris - or-
    Go sleep with his bro, Flo

    Finally, the shoutout winner for next week...
    Go tell her your gay, Ray

  6. Fry up his pet fish, Trish
    Try drowning her cat, Pat
    Or poison his ger, Bill

    I like finding ones where the last syllable is a name too, like my one from before. I also have pet allergies...and hate animals.

  7. Get a tattoo that says "You're crazy", Patrick Swayze

  8. Jump off a cliff, Biff
    Make love with a man, Stan
    Get an STD, Mikey

  9. Looks like that last way hits a little too close to home.