Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vote for Scrabble Dabble

So last Friday, when we posted the new Game Time, we said that we'd be trying something new and that we wanted your answers in by Wednesday. Here's why - we're going to let you pick the winner!

Yes, we at the Pake Shlake Band, have decided to grant you, Time's Person of 2006, the power of selecting this week's Game Time winner. So remember the article?

Hasbro, who owns the rights to the classic board game Scrabble, is suing the makers of Scrabulous. Scrabulous is an online version of the game designed for Facebook users. Hasbro seeks to have the knock-off immediately shut down. Alfred Butts created Scrabble 70 years ago.


Vote quickly because we're revealing the winner tomorrow with the new Game Time question.

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