Monday, July 28, 2008

Chapter 28: The Fox

When we last left our heroes, they were busy getting a fox confused with a monkey.

"Well, let me try again, " Mike said. "Ooh! A fox!"

Walking out from the alley was a brown fox, looking warily at the two brothers.

"It's OK, little guy," Mike said, "we won't hurt you."

"Why are you calling the fox over? He might attack!"

"Why would he attack? I just said we wouldn't hurt him."

"Well, foxes are sly..." the fox said.

"Whoa!" Johnny said. "I found a new power! I can talk to animals!"

"Dude, anyone can talk to animals, it's understanding them when they talk back that is the power."

"Fine, I can talk with animals! I can understand that fox."

"Hey, I heard him too! That's so cool!"

"Sorry to disappoint you two, but everyone can understand me. I am a talking fox."

"Hmm, I think this fox knows how to speak," Mike said.

"Hey, you might be right..." said the fox.

"He knows sarcasm, too," Johnny added.

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