Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nine Lives

Do cats really have nine lives? I mean think about it, that's ridiculous. No other creature has even two lives. How did they get nine?

You know what I think happened? I think that it's all a big mix-up. Somebody said, "You know, cows have four stomachs," which is true, I think. But even that's ridiculous. Anyway, then somebody responded, "Oh yeah, well my ex-husband had no brain." And then somebody responded, "Ohhhh, so that's why he married you." And then somebody else responded, "What does this have to do with cats?" And somebody else said, "Not cats, cows." And then somebody else said, "No no, he's right. Cats. Cats have four stomachs." And then another person said, "Huh? Cats don't have four stomachs. My cat barely eats at all. He drinks a lot of milk though." And then somebody else said, "Your cat drinks a lot of gin? He must have a strong liver.' To which someone else repied, "Strong liver? My ex-husband had a strong liver." And then somebody responded, "You say cats have four livers?" And somebody said, "No no, cows have four livers. Cats have nine." You see, that person was just trying to be silly. And then somebody got the transcript the next day, and misread it as "lives" instead of "livers" and started spreading the rumor that cats have nine lives when in fact they don't.

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