Monday, December 15, 2008

Chapter 48: Cape-hat

"If I can't have a cape," Mike said, "then I'm going to wear one of these."

And Mike waved his hand to make a silly looking hat appear on his head.

"What is that?" Johnny asked.

"It's my cape-hat." Mike replied. "It's what they wear in the desert in DuckTales the Movie."

"I can't let you wear that."

"Why not?" Mike complained. "You get to wear your stupid cape."

"Capes aren't stupid. They're comfortable. You can wrap yourself in them, and you can wave them around when you dance, and --"

"Wait a second. This is the worst argument for capes I've ever heard."

"Oh you have arguments about capes often?"

"You'd be surprised man. Anyway, by the way you're talking about them, it sounds like you already own a cape.

Johnny looked away guiltily, kicked the ground, and started to whistle all at once.

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