Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day

Ho Ho Ho! Happy Boxing Day! That's right, folks! Today is Boxing Day. And what a wonderful Boxing Day it is? No. What a wonderful Boxing Day it is! We have a special Game Time just for you. But first, we must declare the winner from last week.

We wanted to know the weirdest lyrics to a Christmas song. After voting, it turns out that most people think that the song about the dysfunctional family, where the child thinks his father would enjoy watching his hussy-of-a-wife hooking up with Santa, has the weirdest lyrics. Hard to argue with that one. Well done, Emily, for nominating that song.

Now, onto this week's game. And do you know what today is? Why, that's right! It is Boxing Day! Now, we know what you are thinking. "Boxing Day? We don't celebrate that in America. That's a Canadian holiday. And we hate Canadians." Let us explain ourselves. We are all for gift-giving holidays, and since Boxing Day is a gift-giving holiday, we are all for it! However, we do have one problem with Boxing Day. It sets a horrible precedent. We now have Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, December 27th. Well, December 27th looks over his shoulder and says, "Hey! How come I don't have a cool name?" Next thing you know, every day will have a name instead of a number, and then where will we be? Numberless. Then people will schedule a business meeting on Hamburger Day and go out to the movies on Suitcase Day. And since know one has any clue whether Hamburger Day comes before or after Suitcase Day, no one will be able to get any work done. Ooh, no work, you say? As in vacation all the time? We no longer have a problem with Boxing Day. In fact, we have decided to speed up the process.

What should we call December 27th?

We think we should call it Pake Shlake Band Day. It was, after all, the Pake Shlake Band who ensured perennial vacations for all. Your suggestions? Post them. Who knows? Next year we could be writing a post on the day you have named. Except probably not, since Pake Shlake Band Day will fall on a Sunday, and we don't work weekends. Regardless, post your nominations.


  1. French Hen Day (3rd day of Xmas)

  2. the day after boxing day? I'd call it first aid kit day...or migraine day.