Monday, December 22, 2008

Chapter 49: Superman vs. The Wonder Twins

When we last left our heroes, Johnny had just sounded suspiciously like he already had a cape and was just waiting for the right moment to reveal that fact. That time was now.

"Okay, I do have a cape, and I plan on wearing it!!"

"Dude, chill out. You can wear a cape."

"Yes! I am victorious!" Johnny said.

Mike rolled his eyes. "But that is only part of the costume. We need masks."

"Maybe you need a mask, but I wear glasses, so all I have to do is take off by glasses and no one will recognize me."

"1. That only works if you are Superman, and you are not Superman. You're more like a Wonder Twin. 2. Superman could do it because he didn't really need glasses."

Johnny interrupted. "Yeah, but I could just put in my contacts."

"Oh, yeah, that would work. 'Johnny! Time to go save the world!' 'Hold on, Mike, I need my eye drops!'" Johnny frowned.

"Besides," Mike continued, "3. You sometimes wear contacts when you are not a super hero so people would recognize you."

Johnny sighed. "I guess you are right. But, if I'm like a Wonder Twin, then you are the other Wonder Twin."

"Ooh! Then I'm Zan! Wait, was Zan the boy or the girl?" Mike asked.

"I think Jayna was the girl and Zan was the boy."

"Right, then I'm Jayna!"

"Haha, you're a girl!"

"Yes," Mike replied, "But a girl who can take the form of any creature, where as you, can only be an ice bucket. Enjoy that."

"Ooh, that makes you Gleek," Johnny said to the fox.

The fox, who had been reading a newspaper, looked up. "Guys, you aren't really the Wonder Twins. Mike was just using that as an example for illustrative purposes, to say that you are not Supermen. As is becoming more apparent by the minute."

"Gleek seems a little angry."

"Animal sidekicks can be ornery sometimes."

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